These 10 Hilarious Pieces of Evidence Prove That Cats Rule and Dogs Drool.


Countless battles were waged in the war of cats versus dogs. Yet none were fought like those we’ve witnessed here. For although these cats may have won the day, dogs will PREVAIL! …or maybe give us the funniest reactions ever. You decide.

1.) “My revenge will be swift.”

2.) LOLOL!

3.) It’s pretty creepy to watch someone sleep, Buster.

4.) Give it backkkkk!!!

5.) “Mmmmooooooommmm!”

6.) “Now you’re just showing off.”

7.) Well, I’m not going to help. She’s too darn cute.

8.) Guess we know who wears the pants in this house.

9.) Revenge is a dish best served…with kibble.

10.) “Aren’t you going to help, Mom?”


(via The Dodo)

You better watch out, my feline friends. I was sent here to help my furry buddies extract revenge. So keep looking over your shoulder, ’cause our revenge will be sweet!



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