With 10 Old Pallets And $75, He Made A Beautiful Swimming Pool For His Backyard


One of my favorite things about summer is that I finally get to go swimming.

Although I don’t have my own pool, I love going over to a friends house and taking a dip on a hot day. As someone who loves DIY projects, I’ve often thought about building my own pool, though it does seem like a very large undertaking. But when I saw how easily one man was able to repurpose some old palletsand create the perfect backyard addition, I knew a swimming pool was definitely within my reach.

This brilliant DIYer used one of my favorite techniques to make a beautiful pool: upcycling. He took some pallets that were ready to be thrown away and created a great neighborhood hangout for the summer. I’m jealous I don’t have one of these yet, but with this simple design, I might just have to give it a try!

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h/t: Viralnova

Torben Jung wanted his own swimming pool so he decided to make one himself using recycled materials.


He formed the frame of his above-ground pool by attaching 10 pallets together.


Torben used a waterproof tarp as a base for the pool lining.


He then doubled up the lining to prevent any leakage.


Torben attached siding around the pallets for a more polished look and added a wooden ledge around the whole perimeter.


With the structure completed, it was time for him to fill up his brand new swimming pool.


And the best part of all? Torben said the whole pool only cost him about $75 to make! What a beautiful and inexpensive backyard addition, just in time for summer!


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