10 Year old BGT Judge Wows received a Dose of Rock and Roll


10-year-old Joseph Sheppard also prepared a real surprise on stage this month while listening to a Britain’s Got Talent.

He surprised the audience with a special rock’n’bow show that no one expected.

Britain’s Got Talent,Youtube

None of the judges knew that little Joseph would take care of such a show. Even the owners backstage said he would introduce himself when he sang, but he never mentioned this genre. After that, she appeared on stage in her everyday clothes, but quickly changed clothes before the show.

In 1968, he introduced the rock and roll song “Johnny B. Godet” under the direction of American singer Chuck Berry with a guitar in his hand.

Listen to the performance of the talented Joseph, who listened to the rock and bow from the British show Got Talent 2020 “Johnny B. Godet.”

Source: Klipland



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