10-Year-Old Boy Saves Older Brother From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


When I was younger, I don’t remember going through training or being taught any potentially life-saving techniques that could possibly come in handy one day. To this day, I still need to learn these maneuvers, but fortunately kids these days are being taught the basics. Check out this 9-year-old who coached a hysterical mom through infant CPR, and this 13-year-old who saved his classmate using the Heimlich!

Ten-year-old Brayden Wilcox was thankfully educated through a Student Awareness of Fire Education program, knowledge his parents are saying saved his 15-year-old brother.

He heard an alarm in the house go off: three beeps every five seconds. He immediately knew what it meant, so he ran to wake up his brother, Josh, who was still sleeping.

This was, in fact, the carbon monoxide alarm. Brayden’s brother saw that the alarm was signaling for them to get to fresh air, so they did. Once outside, they called the fire department, and when firefighters arrived, they had to wear masks because CO levels were so high in the house.

Now, Josh and the boys’ parents are crediting Brayden and the program for saving the older brother’s life. Brayden has even been nominated for an award for his actions!

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