10-Year-Old Is On A Fast Track To Fame Thanks To These Moves


Kaycee Rice started dancing at the young age of 4, and shortly thereafter began entering competitions. The now-11-year-old says she fell in love with dance the first time she was up on the stage. She certainly didn’t shy away from the bright lights and the large crowds; rather, she has shined in that atmosphere. A number of her performances have gone viral and she’s found that the dancers she once looked up to are now taking notice of her.

In the video below, Kaycee performs her first ever hip-hop solo dance. The performance earned her a first place prize and it’s not hard to see why. Katie Perry shared this video with her some 60 million Twitter followers, which helped catapult Kaycee into the limelight. Once she starts to dance, you forget that she’s just a 10-year-old. Although her talent is impeccable, she has received some flack for the way she dresses and the nature of her performance. Her mother was quick to defend her, “I don’t worry about the moves as Kaycee doesn’t have a thought about what they are. She’s innocent and she’s not putting two and two together. It’s her being her, it’s the way she moves and that’s just her dance.” Watch the clip below and let us know what you think. Would you be okay if this were your daughter? What do you think of her moves? Sound off in the comment section below.




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