100 Horses Are Stranded On An Island Waiting For Death.. Now Watch What 7 Women Are Up To


It’s in the Netherlands, and a great, dangerous storm just hit an area. A large herd of horses is in the flooded area, and there’s no one to rescue them. The land floods, and 19 of the more than 100 horses lose their lives in the process. The rest of the horses are now trapped in a small island-like area in the middle of the overly flooded piece of land. They will remain there for 3 good days until a group of 7 smart ladies steps out to make a difference.

This happened for real. While the Firemen feed the horses to keep them alive and strong as they figured out a way to get them out of the “island,” another storm was fast approaching. Norma Miedema and some other ladies couldn’t let that happen, so she formed a group and teamed up with her friends to save the horses. The only qualification for joining the group was just the courage to ride a horse in the waters, and 7 cool ladies were brave enough to take it up!

Needless to say, the ladies saved the day! You’ll love this video. Check it out here and SHARE it on with your friends on Facebook!



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