This Couple Decides To Approach A Helpless, Tangled Deer. Now Watch What Happens…


This video is proof that good people do exist.

The Valentine family found a deer in their backyard that had gotten tangled up in someone’s Christmas lights. They were wrapped around his antlers and leg, and it was obvious the deer was frightened and helpless.

So, the heroic couple did something many people would never dare to do. Not only did they decide to help this deer, but they didn’t stop until their goal was accomplished, and it was no easy feat. That meant getting up close and personal with a deer who could literally kill them in a matter of seconds.

My heart was touched to see how the deer responds. He’s tentative, yet he knows their help could make all the difference. He inches forward and back, moving in close when this amazing woman reaches her hand out with a tasty apple. And finally, in the end the Valentines freed the deer from the tangled mess and with just enough time to snap a picture of the grateful, gorgeous animal.

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