These 11 Unfortunate Dogs Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees. Ouch.


There’s a popular old saying that goes something like, “Hey, don’t eat bees.” Or maybe it’s just common sense. But either way, seriously, you shouldn’t eat bees. Fortunately, you already know this, but dogs are not so fortune – they’re firm believers that bees just want to play.

But oh no. Bees do not want to play. The folks over at BuzzFeed found a few dogs who learned that the hard way. And yes, you’re a horrible person for laughing at this.



1.) Yep, this dog definitely ate a bee.

2.) Charge: bee eating. Verdict: guilty.

3.) Ashamed, but still very much a bee eater.

4.) In his pre-bee eating days, he didn’t look so grumpy.

5.) Coming inside is probably wise. No bees in here.

6.) Yes, doggy, it was the bee that did this to you.

7.) No amount of puppy dog eyes will heal that swelling

8.) Why the long face? 🙁

9.) Even puppies eat bees.

10.) Oh dear GOD.

11.) This one must’ve eaten an entire hive of bees.


(via: BuzzFeed)

I would wrap this article up with the moral of the story, but it’s pretty clear: don’t let your dog eat a bee or it’s going to look ridiculous for a while. Warn your friends about the dangers (or hilarity, you twisted soul) of dogs eating bees by sharing this below.



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