13 Clever Pets That Might Actually Be Smarter Than All Of Us.


Owls or foxes usually come to mind when we think of clever animals. But they’ve had a monopoly on the smartypants symbolism for too long. We’re selling our own family pets short, since they are masterminds of their domestic domain.

Think back on the times you came home to find your pet reaching for the food you thought it couldn’t possibly reach. Remember the days it entered rooms you thought you’d locked. Think about how your pet broke free from your secured yard. They clearly have more going on in those brains than we give them credit for.

1.) Attempt at hiding the catnip in the freezer: fail.

2.) Digging under the fence is for amateurs.

3.) La dee da, don’t mind if I do…

4.) This isn’t even hard for her.

5.) This is just hilariously rude and perfect.

6.) This cat likes his hair done a very particular way. His way.

7.) All he needs is a little boost.

8.) Well, while you’re up there, you might as well check out what’s inside.

9.) Oh, stuck? Nah, I’m not stuck.

10.) Aaaand all for me.

11.) He wasn’t done with that.

12.) An actual cat burglar. So stealthy.


13.) Teamwork makes for double the trouble.


(H/T: The Dodo.)

I thought about giving my cat an IQ test, but now I’m afraid he’ll score higher than me.



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