13-Year-Old Dog With Cancer Is Granted Dying Wish—To Adopt Baby Guinea Pigs.


For centuries, Airedale terriers have been used in hunting, many times to rid areas of small vermin. You may not think it’s a good idea to let one of these dogs around small animals, but what would you do if you just couldn’t keep the dog away?

Meet Sunshade. She’s a loving, sweet Airedale who has always taken an unusual interest in a very unlikely animal: guinea pigs. Sunshade has always wanted a guinea pig of her own, but unfortunately it took a tragedy to get her owners to realize she deserved it. After Sunshade was diagnosed with cancer at age 13, her owner finally decided it was time to make her sweet pet’s dream come true.

This is the story of Sunshade and her guinea pigs. The dog amazingly accepted the small creatures as her own babies and formed a truly unique and incredible bond with the animals. If this heartwarming story doesn’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will. Their friendship is simply beautiful!

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