14 Young Gymnasts Perform An Amazing Synchronized Contortion Ballet Dance


The human body is able to do some pretty impressive things. There are people out there who can hold their breath for minutes and minutes at a time as they dive deep into the ocean, and there are people who can balance on a 1-inch wide wire thousands of feet above the world.

But perhaps one of the most bizarre things to behold a fellow human do, is contorting their body into weird shapes.

Like the Ross sisters, who were able to twist and turn their spines into incredible shapes, these 14 gymnasts have trained and honed their bodies into perfect physical specimens capable of the graceful art of ballet, while still being able to crunch their necks into jaw-dropping positions!

Everyone admires the raw athletic abilities and overall strength that gymnasts have, but the video below shows a combination of that brute strength with the grace of a ballerina and the wacky excitement of a Carnival side show!

When you watch these 14 young ladies perform their incredible routine you’ll probably find yourself at an utter loss for words. It’s no wonder that this incredible video is going viral; viewed over 6 million times these girls certainly have an incredible future ahead of them!

Please watch their jaw-dropping performance.

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