Forensic Artist Works With Police To Identify “Baby Doe.” Can YOU Help?


Boston police are working tirelessly to identify a toddler found on June 25.

While walking her dog along the Boston Harbor on Deer Island in Massachusetts, a woman came across a garbage bag and decided to take a peak, not knowing she was about to make a tragic discovery.

The body of a 4-year-old girl wearing black-and-white polka dot leggings was wrapped in a zebra print blanket and stuffed inside. However, there were no signs of trauma to her body and her cause of death remains unknown.

More than two weeks later, police are still trying to figure out who she is and why anyone would do this to a child. Police have even looked into missing baby cases from the past to see if there are any connections.

Massachusetts State Police have dubbed the little girl “Baby Doe” and have turned to the internet in hopes that someone will come forward and help identify this little girl.

Forensic artist Christi Andrews’ worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to create the following computer-generated image to depict the little girl, who had long brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing earrings. The photo has since been shared millions of times, but sadly police are baffled and have made little headway in the bizarre, horrific case.

It’s heartbreaking that no one is missing this child, but whoever she is, she deserves a proper burial. If you have any information, please reach out through any of the tip lines below.

Want to help this little angel rest peacefully? Please SHARE her photo on your Facebook page to help spread the word.

Massachusetts State Police have shared this computer-generated composite of a 4-year-old who’s remains were discovered on June 25, 2015.




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