17 Animal Family Photos That Are Way Cuter Than Your Family Photos.


Family photo day is always a hassle. It might be scientifically impossible to gather everyone together in nice clothes without anyone making a goofy face. Your only hope is that the photographer managed to get at least one decent photo where you all look like a normal, happy family.

Maybe we should take a cue from the animal kingdom. There’s no need for silly poses with these adorable families. Their candid moments will inspire you to capture your family in a different light.

1.) These sweet sheep.

2.) These precious penguins.

3.) This prideful pack.

4.) These close-knit meerkats.

5.) These laid back leapers.

6.) This majestic mom, pop, and kid.

7.) These climbing cuties.

8.) This dignified doggie family.

9.) These suave swans.

10.) These snuggly snowballs.

11.) “A kiss before you go!”

12.) These kids seem kind of clingy.

13.) These powerful parents.

14.) These gorgeous giraffes.

15.) These kissing kittens.

16.) These happy huskies.

17.) These endearing elephants.

I never thought I’d be jealous of how photogenic an elephant is, but you can’t deny those delightful faces. As cute as they all are, the best part of the pictures is the sweet love that shines through.



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