17-Year-Old Sounds Like The Ghost Of Elvis Presley With This “Blue Suede Shoes” Cover


Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen these days, but this teen’s impression – more like a tribute – to The King has me with my mouth hanging open!

Many have tried to recreate the magic of Elvis Presley, but very few have come as close as 17-year-old David Thibault. This singing sensation from Quebec, Canada, may not have the ladies screaming just yet, but he’s certainly worth watching out for…

We first came across Thibault in this video, when the teen performed “Blue Christmas” on a local radio station, shocking the DJs and leaving listeners thinking they’ve just heard a ghost. There’s no denying this kid does a mean impression of “The King,” but you have to give him credit for doing his own thing, too. In 2015, Thibault headed to France to perform on their version of the TV singing competition The Voice.

Clearly this young man and I share a love for the oldies, since he performed other songs like “Something Stupid” by the one and only Frank Sinatra on the show. However, it just wouldn’t feel right unless he sang a song by Elvis himself.

In the following audition, Thibault serves up a fresh take on one of the songs that made Elvis Presley the true King of Rock and Roll. His performance of “Blue Suede Shoes” has the judges freaking out…and earned him a spot in the next round.

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