Two Girls Have An Epic Dance-Off With An Airport Employee


Airports: they’re typically crowded, loud, stuffy, boring, and structured. For that reason, many of us complain about getting through a jam-packed airport before finally getting settled on the plane as we travel to our final destination. Truthfully, if the atmosphere of airports was more relaxed and slower-paced, imagine how much less we would hate air travel.

However, one viral clip of a Dallas airport dance-off between an employee and two girls proves that life truly is what you make it, even when you’re at a boring airport late, at night, waiting a long flight.

In the clip featuring the dance-off filmed by Joe Vaughn, the father of the dancing girls in the video, there’s a whole lot of energy. In matching sweaters of different colors, the adorable girls kick their arms and legs up, spin around, and even bust out the chicken dance!

What makes the clip ever cuter is the fact that the little girl who’s wearing pink and her bun; the hair is bouncing up and down as she dances. What a cutie!

The silly dance moves the Vaughn girls show off surely melted the rest of the family’s stresses away at the airport before they got on their plane to Oklahoma City. After all, sometimes even just waiting to board your plane can cause tension and agony. If you’ve flown on a plane before, you probably know exactly what that feels like! Not much fun, is it?

The family surely isn’t alone as an airport employee with a neon orange vest is mimicking the girls’ dance moves during her nighttime shift. Acknowledging the girls’ joyous dancing session, and even joining in, is such a simple yet kind act to make airport guests feel special before a long trip!

Have you ever meet such a happy, energized airport employee? This one puts the icing on the cake!

Check out the airport dance-off in the clip below. Once you watch this video, you might just change your mind about airports altogether. Maybe next time you’re at the airport, doing a little dance will put you in a good mood and help you get your wiggles out before your flight!

Source: Metaspoon



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