2 Scottish Dancers Hear The Bagpipes And Instantly Start Dancing


Kirkcudbright, an otherwise small Scottish town, has a weekly summer festival held in Harbour Square, smack dab in the middle of town. The event draws families together to celebrate the warmer months with plenty of food, dancing, bagpipe playing, and performances. Not only is this fun event frequented by locals, but tourists also come by this artists’ town to join the traditional festivities. After all, there is music by the award-winning Kirkcudbright and District Pipe Band, the Stewartry Area Wind Band, and Galloway Pipers the Scottish Country Dancers and the Highland Dancers – plenty of music and dancing to go around!

This is a perfect look at true Scottish culture that is both captivating and entertaining for everyone who joins in on the fun – both the performers and attendees!

This video is a really cute clip of two little girls dressed up in their finest Scottish attire, ready to highland dance their way into everyone’s hearts! The girls are outfitted in knee-high argyle socks, grey plaid kilts and velvet vests with gold trim – a traditional outfit for a traditional dance. They are first escorted out in front of the audience by an older woman to get them in position and ready to dance in their little dancing shoes. The bagpiper starts playing as the two girls bow and get right into it.

Watch as both little girls hop and skip from foot to foot, lifting alternate arms in the air. Their hands are above their heads before they fly down to rest on their hips. They’ve got little floppy ponytails that bounce around, and even their white pouffy blouses are just as sweet! Each girl is concentrated, and probably a little bit nervous, as they go through their routine in front of the large crowd. Their adorable dancing showcases their blossoming highland dance skills that will one day turn into full-on talent, enough to own the stage and blow everyone away!

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