This 2-Year-Old Sings The National Anthem At A Basketball Game


When this little guy walked out to the middle of this basketball court, we knew something adorable was right around the corner. Seconds later, we couldn’t keep from smiling.

Normally, the Star Spangled Banner sung at events like this serves a reminder for the onlooking fans to honor our great country. The freedom that our past and current soldiers fought for allows us to enjoy such pleasures as public sporting events. And the singer of the national anthem is often a popular recording artist or young musician trying to get their career off the ground.

Rarely, crowds are awarded the opportunity to see more unique performances, like old couples or courageous people with disabilities. Sometimes a small child is the star of the show, as is the case in this video. The way he charmingly sings our nation’s beloved anthem is fantastic.

How did you feel about this young man’s performance? Please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comment section.



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