Here Are 22 Odd Animals That Are Stranger Than Fiction. #15 Can’t Be For Real, OMG.


It isn’t abnormal for animals or humans be born with genetic mutations. After all, different hair colors, eye colors and other traits are all genetic mutations. Sometimes, though, nature gets a little out of control and we end up with some genuine freaky oddities.

Like these animals. Most of them are happy and healthy, but there’s something about them that’s a little off (or maybe way off). From cute to creepy, all of these animals experienced a genetic mutation.

(H/T NY Daily News)

We’re all unique in our own ways. People with heterochromia iridium have different colored eyes and it’s absolutely beautiful. So, albino sharks with one eye? They’re kind of beautiful in their own way (if you like nightmares, that is). Share this list of creepy crawly oddities by clicking on the Share button below.



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