3 clever ways to use aluminum foil


Aluminum foil’s coolness factor just got kicked up three notches. The versatile product has been used for years around the house for tasks like packaging, cooking, and insulating, but the video below demonstrates a few lesser-known uses for aluminum foil that just may come in handy some day. So go to the kitchen, open up your home goods drawer, and start maximizing your aluminum foil’s potential.

The first hack involves sharpening your scissors by cutting aluminum foil. Simply by cutting aluminum foil you can simply bring back some of your scissors’ sharpness. Try making a few cuts, or folding the aluminum foil sheet a few times before cutting. While this hack might save your scissors, the next one just might save your back.

By placing aluminum foil underneath heavy furniture items, like a couch, a non-stick surface is formed. This allows for easy movement of otherwise cumbersome items and can be a total time and energy saver. The best part is, aluminum foil is much cheaper than hiring movers. The third trick might be the coolest of the bunch, but it’s also the hottest.

The demonstrator in the video below wraps a cooking pot in aluminum foil and places it on the stove top and by doing so creates a makeshift iron. Now your aluminum foil can be used for more than preserving food, it can also preserve your professional appearance.

In the world of DIY, everything around you has more potential than meets the eye. Even something as simple as aluminum foil.



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