3-Month-Old Rescued Baby Bear Can’t Get Enough Of His New Playground


Murphy the bear didn’t have an easy start: a hunter illegally sold him into the wildlife trade after killing his mother.

But when the orphaned sun bear cub was 6 weeks old, Animals Asia stepped in to save the day. The bear cub was spared in Vietnam from what could’ve been years of torture like that experienced by Cholita, the eventually rescued Peruvian bear.

“Like human babies, bear cubs require special care regarding their environment and diet making Murphy’s rescue especially urgent,” said Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen.

Thousands of bears like Murphy are often taken for the bile in their gall bladder, which is then sold and used for medicine. The poor animals are kept in harsh and devastating conditions on what’s known as bear bile farms.

“While bear bile farms are legal in China, the trafficking of wild animals has long been outlawed,” Animals Asia explains.

Little Murphy is now doing better than ever at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, which takes care of over 500 bears. And his hunter is facing criminal charges.

In the video below, we see Murphy’s enthusiastic run to the playground showing off his playful nature as well as his contentment in his new environment.

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