30 Dogs And Cats Who Nailed The Adopt Me Face


The holiday season is a time of love, family and joy, but there’s no greater gift a shelter animal can receive than a loving family.

According to Petfinder, millions of companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year! That means animal shelters and rescue groups are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home.

Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial. And when you adopt, you can also feel proud about helping an animal in need.

Are you ready to open your heart and your home to a pet from a shelter or rescue group? Here are 30 dogs and cats who prove it might be time to adopt a new best friend.

(*Note, all of the dogs and cats pictured below are ready for adoption through Petfinder at time of publication. Click their photos to learn more about these animals and more pets like them.)

1. Percy


When his elderly owner passed away, five-year-old Percy found himself in a shelter. Now he’s ready to find his new forever family. His favorite pastimes are chewing on nylon bones and stuffies, snuggling, and going for car rides.

“Percy is the most cuddly, lovable, loyal snuggle bug,” his foster mom said.

2. Hiro


Hiro loves to play fetch with the ball and loves to play with his toys. He is an active, young dog, and will need a family or person that will exercise and train him. This Golden Retriever & Cattle Dog Mix is about a year old.

3. Austi


“Autsi is a 1-year-old terrier mix. He is a sweet, funny little guy who is medium energy and needs playtime or a buddy to run with. He also loves to snuggle under the covers!” – Smidget Rescue



4 & 5: Bonnie and Clyde


“Bonnie and Clyde are like two peas in a pod. This brother/sister duo are one year old and fantastically precious. Bonnie and Clyde are the classic example of sibling opposites. Both sweet and friendly, Bonnie is an outgoing social girl, while her brother is more timid and mellow.”

6. Paco


This one-year-old Chihuahua Mix  was abandoned by his mom when he was brought to a shelter in Arizona. Paco is a bit shy at first, but he will warm up. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children and is now ready to find his new forever home.

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7. Sammy


Sammy is one year old, very playful, and loves to chase his tail. He also loves to go on walks and is obsessed with chasing balls.

8. Angie


Angie is a little shy, but will warm up once she gets to know you. The two-year-old Domestic Short Hair Mix would make a warm and loving companion, who’d work best in a quiet home.

9. Mr. Wilson


Mr. Wilson  is an outgoing, loving and adorable Lab mix puppy. Wilson enjoys spending his time playing with his dog friends, keeping up with kids, and snuggling with kittens.

10. Molly


Molly was found living wild in a barn and now needs to find a loving home. This one-year-old tabby mix is ready to live the good life with people.

11. Adeline


Adeline is a petite 40lb pit bull terrier. She is smart, sweet and gentle and loves everyone!

12. Stormy


Stormy is a cute little grey and white kitty. The one-year-old cat is super friendly, playful, and she loves to be held. She has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

13. Tara



Tara is around nine months old and will be a medium weight when grown. She loves the water, plays with the other dogs at her foster home, and warms up to people quickly.

14. Cali


Cali is a ten-year-old sable and white rough collie. She is very active for her age and loves to run and chase other dogs at the dog park. She has a big heart and is looking for a family who can give her plenty of time for petting and cuddles.

15. Comet


Comet is a 10-week-old Rottweiler mix currently being fostered in Mississippi. He and his siblings were found abandoned on a road along with their mother at only six weeks old. Now he’s ready to give his new forever family plenty of love, kisses, and cuddles.

16. Candy


Candy is a Dalmatian Mix currently residing at SQ Rescue in Columbia, SC. She is super friendly and loves to meet people. She does well with the dogs in her foster home and is very playful.

17. Raven


Raven is a 6 week old tortoiseshell/tabby female Siamese/American Shorthair. She is very loving and adores being held, scratched, rubbed, and cuddled.

18. Gomez


Gomez was born August 10, 2013. She is very playful and loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed.

19. Candy


“Despite her appearance, Candy is not much of a lap dog. She is about 2 years old and full of energy. She is very sweet and loving… and wants to go go go!” – Lead and Love Dog Rescue

20. Bobo


Bobo is a Chihuahua Mix and is less than a year old. She is currently at Fur Baby Rescue in Los Angeles, CA. waiting to find a loving home.

21. Katie


This sweet senior gal adores kids and is very gentle. The 8-year-old Boxer spends her days napping and following her people around.

22. Laney


“Laney has the sweetest face in the world! She is very timid with new people and will certainly take some time to warm up. Laney would greatly benefit from socialization and a calm quiet home.” – LifeLine Animal Project

23. Rex


Rex has plenty of personality! This sweet, senior cat keeps to himself but loves getting him attention. He also gets along well with other cats.

24. Patsy


Patsy is 12-pound, apricot miniature poodle. Her birthday is estimated to be April 2005. Patsy is a puppy mill survivor but is coming out of her shell a little more every day and loves to give kisses.

25. Russell


Russell is a yellow lab mix that is full of energy and loves a good belly. Russell, who was born in 2008, has been with Ruff Love Rescue since he was a puppy, but he’s ready to find his new forever family.

26. Roary


“He is a sweet, friendly, active, lovable little guy who likes petting and being picked up. He’ll stay in your lap as long as you keep petting him. His favorite toys are balls and a small mouse.” – Carver-Scott Humane Society

27. Oreo


Oreo is a year-and-a-half-old Malamute mix. He is loving and gets along great with other dogs. He’d make a great cuddle buddy for a loving family.

28. Bee


Bee is an adult greyhound that just loves curling up and snoozing the day away.

29. Fester


This tiny Chihuahua & Pomeranian Mix is currently being fostered but is looking for his forever home. Fester’s favorite thing is to be held and loved.

30. Minnie


Minnie is a 4-year-old, spayed, Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix. She is a loyal dog who just wants to be loved and cuddled.


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