These 4 Dollhouse Graves Are As Beautiful As They Are Tragic.


There is nothing more tragic than losing a child. This is something that these families sadly experienced firsthand. Faced with such a terrible event, they chose to remember their daughters in the most unique way possible: they built dollhouses at their graves.

Some may feel that what these parents did is a little over the top. One needs to remember that graves are for the living to remember the dead, and ease the pain of their loss.

1.) Lova Cline.

Lova was just 6 years old when she passed away in 1908. She was buried in Arlington East Cemetery in Arlington, Indiana. Her grave is marked by this magnificent dollhouse, complete with furniture and everything a little girl would want in a dollhouse.

2.) Dorothy Marie Harvey.

Dorothy died in Medina, Tennessee in 1931. She caught measles while her family was traveling north to find work. She was just 5 years old. Locals helped her family bury her in Hope Hill Cemetery. They constructed this beautiful dollhouse in her memory.

3.) Vivian Mae Allison.

Vivian also died at just 5 years old in 1899. Her family built this elaborate dollhouse to mark her grave site in the Connerville City Cemetery in Connersville, Indiana.

4.) Nadine Earles.

At just 4 years old, Nadine passed away shortly before Christmas in 1933. According to locals, Nadine wanted a dollhouse for Christmas that year. As a way of giving her the dollhouse she never got, the family built this amazing dollhouse at her grave. They filled it with her toys and personal belongings.

Via: Cult of Weird

There are no words to describe the tragedy of these graveside dollhouses. Let’s take a small moment of silence to honor these little girls who were taken too soon.



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