4-Year-Old Demonstrates How Obedient Pit Bulls Can Be


In this video, six pit bulls crowd around a little girl in the kitchen during feeding time. However, they wait calmly for their food and obey all the commands the four-year-old issues. Even when she pours the dry food onto the ground in a large mound, they remain seated until she gives the “okay.” As the woman holding the camera notes at the end of the video, these well-behaved dogs defy the harmful stereotypes that surround this particular breed of dog.

we do not believe that any particular breed of dog is inherently evil. Though many people have negative associations with pit bulls, we think that the owner holds much of the responsibility in how the dog conducts itself. As evidenced in this video, all dogs are capable of being trained. What’s most important, though, is to remember that every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect.

Watch this precocious little girl in action, and be sure to share your stance on pit bulls with us in the comments section.


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