5 Cool Uses Of Aluminum Foil

Aluminum is everywhere. It’s in your soda cans, antiperspirants, and automobiles, just to name a few. One of the most ubiquitous metals found on Earth, it also has unique properties that have some calling it a “Miracle Metal.” It resists degrading from rust despite being easily oxidized, and NASA researchers are able to take advantage of certain properties of aluminum to study supernovas in the Milky Way.


It is also a great metal for commercial purposes, because it is so easily recycled. It takes only 5% of the energy to recycle aluminum as it does to extract the same amount from ore. An estimated 75% of all aluminum ever extracted is still in use due to recycling.

Aluminum foil was first developed in 1903 and began commercial production in the United States in 1913. It was initially used for identifying racing pigeons. In the hundred years since, it has become an item found in every home and restaurant. It’s most common household use is in packaging left overs, but it’s relatively cheap and malleable properties has always made it a popular item in solving other problems around the house. I believe we all remember using foil to boost the signal of our television antennas.

SF Globe is happy to show you some other great ways to use your foil. If you have other cool tips, please share them in our comments section.


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