5 Hands Join Together To Play This Amazing Piano Boogie


When Jonny May and Johnny Hodges began to play a freestyle boogie-woogie-style song, they had no idea they were going to draw a huge crowd and eventually get over 100,000 YouTube views!

Working perfectly in tangent with each other on the piano, while in Anaheim’s Disneyland, these two talented gentlemen gave the park’s guests a special treat that any age would be sure to enjoy. The video starts right in the thick of things, with Hodges playing the bass portion with both hands, while May dances around the ivory with just one hand.

You just have to love their intensity: May is willing and able to fly from note to note with an apparent ease that only a lifetime of hard work and dedication can achieve, all while Hodges gets deeper and deeper into his boogying style. It’s a real treat to watch these three talented hands doing what they do best!

While this boogie-woogie is pretty amazing to behold, it’s when a special guest drops in at the 2:40 mark that some new flavor to this already intense and living masterpiece comes into play. A stranger is brave enough, and confident enough in his own abilities, that he hops right into the mix and adds an amazing bit of life and jazz to this already perfect piece.

Five hands on one piano really produces a pretty fun and exciting sound. Make sure to watch this terrific video, and try to keep up with these talented piano players!

Have you ever seen a piano player this talented before? Let us know in the comments below!

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