5-Month-Old Identical Twins Have Their First Conversation


Every baby has their own ways of trying to communicate with the people around them.

Whether this newborn likes to mostly giggle, cry, or just make a lot of adorable cooing noises, one thing is clear: Baby talk is one thing, but what happens between twins and other multiples is a whole different story.

We’ve seen lots of incredible stories about twins here at LittleThings — from babies born two different races like these unique sisters, to multiple babies who fight their way to survival against all odds — but what is always most fascinating to me is how siblings like the newborn brothers in the following video seem to find their very own way to communicate.

In the clip, which was posted to YouTube by KristenR, we see two 5-month-old identical baby boys having one of their very first conversations. It starts out a little slow, with the typical baby back-and-forth, but around 30 seconds into the video, the baby brothers seem to get way more into it. This really makes me wonder if babies like these two are just more comfortable being silly near each other after spending nine months in very close quarters, or if twin babies really do have their own secret language that the rest of us can’t comprehend.

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