5 Weiner Dogs Compete In Adorable Water Race


Here we are at the Dachshund “500″ Water Race — and it’s the most adorable race you’ll ever see. Kerry’s family has five funny mini dachshunds who love to enjoy sunny days by the pool, and sometimes, things can get a little competitive around here…

The competitors? Penny a.k.a Half Cent, Valerie a.k.a The Blonde Bombshell, Zeus a.k.a. Chewie, Snoop a.k.a The Snooper, and Ruby. As you’ll see, “Snoop’s engines are already running” as Dad says, as the most natural swimmer of the bunch starts to doggie paddle before even hitting the water. It seems like the odds are in his favor, but you’ll have to watch the video below to see which pup takes first place. And it goes without say, but they all win the top prize for cuteness.

With their short, stocky legs and long bodies, many people are surprised to learn that dachshunds can be quite the swimmers, when introduced to the water properly. They were originally bred to hunt badger and small animals that live under the earth, but also as an all-purpose hunting dogs.

As the summer winds down to a close, there’s no better time to enjoy the Dachshund “500″ Water Race. Place your bets!

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