5-Year-Old Boy Takes First Steps Towards Mother


For 5-year-old Bryce Santoro this was, as he would describe, “the best day ever.” After countless doctors appointments, multiple hours of physical therapy, and falling down over and over again, this was the day that Santoro and his loving family have been looking forward to for years now.

Born with two club feet and a harsh case of spina bifida, little Bryce has been paralyzed from the waist down since birth, but in spite of all the barriers put up throughout this little boy’s life, he decided that this would be the day to “be awesome!”

For the first time in his life, this unbeatable child stood and took his first steps into the welcoming arms of his mother. Bryce’s father proudly beamed to the TV cameras, “It’s not about the doctors appointments, it’s not about how far you’ve got to drive to get to the doctors appointments… It’s about a day just like today, and it all starts from day one… It takes a lot of hard work.”

While little Bryce has a long way to go, this was his first step of many more. With his amazing family, loving 2-year-old little brother, and a dauntless demeanor, this little boy will do some pretty amazing things throughout his life. With the help of modern-day technology and medicine along with his willpower, we’ll be hearing more from Bryce as the years go by.

Congratulations to Bryce, his family, and the team of doctors who helped make his life better!

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