5-Year-Old Girl Is Handed A Mic In Front Of HUNDREDS Of People. When She Opens Her Mouth? OMG!


Five-year-old Celine Tam is one talented little girl. When she hit the stage for her audition, she gave amesmerizing performance of “You Raise Me Up.” Standing center stage, she belts the beautiful song and has everyone in the audience on their feet and cheering. She is so tiny, but she has a big voice.

As her dad coaches from the sidelines, Celine proves she’s a pro, hitting even the toughest high notes. Seriously, if you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t think this was a five-year-old child singing. Her jaw-dropping performance instantly puts a smile on everyone’s faces. What an incredibly talented little girl!

According to her dad, Celine began her voice training when she was only three. She’s gone on to land several singing gigs around China and performed at various charity events, too!

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