This 5-year-old Says She’s Moving Out! When I Heard Why, I Was In Stitches!


We all get frustrated sometimes. But there’s something impossibly funny about a child so furious they start spewing what they think is vitriol, and is essentially just a meaningless stream of harmless sentences.

Most parents are pretty good at shielding their little ones from grown-up language. So what happens instead is they end up saying something ridiculous and hyperbolic like “I don’t love you,” which is of course a big fat fib but gets the point across most of the time. What they mean to say is, “I’m really cranky and probably need a nap.”

“I’m moving on,” says the adorable 5-year-old girl in the following video who’s been in her house for “way too long.” She’s moving to Jenn’s, everyone, and she’s going to make Jenn’s house “as clean as I can make it.” None of this actually makes sense, of course. And when her mom asks why she’s decided it’s time for a change, she replies that her room is too small! And that the house is a mess! And that her brothers are being a pain! The many trials and tribulations of being a small child!

One thing’s for sure, though. As mad as she is, she certainly is adorable.

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