Newlywed Couple Has Amazingly Cute Surprise Dance Performance


For so many young couples all over the world, planning for their big wedding day is a source of great happiness and utter annoyance all at the same time.

These engaged couples have so much to worry about, it’s enough to make you want to elope instead; worrying about finding the perfect wedding venue, wedding dress, rings, cards, RSVPs, wedding photographers, honeymoon, and DJ, all while worrying about paying of credit card bills, going to school or keeping up with the car payments and mortgage will give anyone frayed nerves!

But in all the stress, there are those amazing moments that will make it all worth it in the end. When the day is over with, these newlywed couples can’t help but smile at everything that happened that day as they happily drive to their honeymoon destination!

And one of those moments will always be the beautiful tradition that is the first wedding dance. For the first time in their lives, these two recently married people get the opportunity to dance as husband and wife.


While this dance is usually slow, a recent trend has taken over that just about everyone can’t get enough of!

The wedding dance below featuring Jamie Royak and Jimmy Johncock starts completely normal and slow, but in less than a minute, things go out of control in the silliest way possible. Make sure to keep your eyes on their feet, these two are talented!

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