6-Year-Old Saves Younger Sister From Dog Attack


A little boy in Wyoming got a big shout-out from actor Chris Evans, who praised the child’s bravery in saving his kid sister from an attacking dog. Six-year-old Bridger Walker was horribly mauled last week when he stepped between a lunging dog and his younger sister. Bridger’s swollen and bitten face required some 90 stitches, his aunt posted on Instagram, along with photos of the blond-haired boy and his towheaded sister, noting that Bridger loved Captain America. That’s when Chris Evans stepped in.

According to the Labd Bible, a dog attack occurred in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When he saw a neighbor’s dog approaching his sister, Bridger jumped to work.

He fought an evil dog and was injured. When Walker later asked his nephew why he did this, the little boy said:

“If someone dies, I thought I was.”

The dog bit Briger’s face and head, causing 90 stitches in the hospital. Though angry that this could happen to Bridger, the boy’s family can only be proud.

It is not surprising that the story of Bridger’s selfless behavior spread across social networks. According to 7 News, many have expressed interest in providing financial support to him and his family.

Most commendable is that he doesn’t get angry or hate his neighbor’s dog.



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