In 60 Seconds, This Turkey Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!


To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, here’s a hysterical video of a male turkey trying to impress a female — and failing in the most hilarious way possible.

In this video, the male turkey is puffed up, proudly displaying his feathers trying to get the attention of a female turkey nearby. When the female approaches, the male turkey attempts to circle her for a traditional mating dance. That’s when everything takes an unexpected turn.

The female circles around the male turkey, spinning around and around. The male looks like he’s starting to get dizzy, almost tripping over his feet trying to keep up with her. Finally at 1:08, the female runs away and the male stumbles to the ground, completely defeated. In the background, you hear laughter from both the humans and his turkey pals. Aww. Poor guy!

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