7 Month Old Pregnant Lady Has Still Got the Moves


ou have to see it to believe it. Chritstina is 7 months into her third pregnancy but that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. In this video, she is seen to be dancing quite comfortably at her hip hop dance class that she conducts in a California high school. She actually joins her students to shake a leg and more in the final dance routine after a 4 hour session.

This lady can inspire millions of mothers-to-be to not let pregnancy affect their daily routine. She claims to have continued with her dance classes even during her previous two pregnancies. She says she wants to tell people that her pregnancy does not limit her or make her weaker as a person. As long as her doctor approves it, she is going to go ahead and do it irrespective of anything else.

This video is extremely empowering and contrary to public perception, shows that with willpower anything is achievable. Looking at the way she moves, it’s clear that she isn’t one to let her pregnancy slow her down.Please SHARE in Facebook if you want to spread a smile.



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