7 New Food Hacks


To bring you another round of cool tricks from the Crazy Russian Hacker. In this series, he shows us a better way to squeeze a lemon, the right way to use a straw in your soda, and a few other cool tricks. If you are a cooking aficionado, some of these hacks may be old hat to you, but for many there is bound to be at least one game-changing tip in this compilation.

The wildest (and my personal favorite) hack is how he serves ice cream. After a long day of work and kids, many couples occasionally like to cuddle up with some ice cream. The dishes are done, so they don’t want to pull out more bowls. And let’s be honest – more often than not, the two of them will be finishing that half-pint before the night is through. After learning these tricks, at least now when they go to work off those extra calories, they can keep their water cold, too!

Looking for more tips?

If you need to peel a lot of garlic fast, but want pretty whole cloves, try this: quickly separate the bulb into cloves, but don’t worry about getting them perfectly separated. Drop them into a small mason jar, cover, and shake. When you are done, empty the contents onto a flat surface and you’ll find the peels have separated, leaving you with whole peeled cloves.

If you have taken a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and find that it’s too hard to scoop, run a knife under hot water, then cut into the top of the ice cream in a grid pattern. This will make scooping a breeze. Make perfect ice cream sandwiches by taking your favorite half-pint and cutting it into disks. Each disk is perfectly shaped to sit between the cookies, and is easily removed from the carton. No need to scoop and smash ice cream onto your cookies.

Which was your favorite trick? Let us know in our comments section. Or, if you are a whiz in the kitchen, please share some of your favorite tricks with the rest of our fans



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