7-Year-Old Girl Stuns Judges With Amazing Gymnastic Routine


When I was a little kid, I could do cartwheels, backbends, and the splits, no questions asked. Now that I’m a grown-up, though? I don’t think I’ll be attempting those moves anytime soon.

Besides, even in my heyday, I could never hold a candle to some of the young acrobats working today! Judging from what I’ve seen on talent shows, the world is just chock-full of incredibly talented contortionists and gymnasts, all under the age of 10!

Just look at little Emily Moskalenko! We’ve covered her in the past when she appeared on a Romanian talent show earlier this year, but it’s her audition for Ukraine’s Got Talent back in 2014 that really has me floored.

Just 7 years old here, Emily’s routine is reminiscent of this ballerina who created a new art form out of pole dancing. Emily is doing something similar, but she seems to be tempering the grown-up art form of pole dancing with rhythmic gymnastics.

While I was initially worried that the pole dancing aspect was a bit too mature for little Emily, the routine that she performs is totally jaw-dropping. I had no idea that anybody could move like that! Check out the video below to see how the judges react.

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