8 year old boy saved his brother from Kidnapper


It’s a terrible situation that no one wants to think about – a stranger hurts and steals an innocent child. We educate our children about “outside dangers” and keep them safe in public places and even play in their own yards. However, it is difficult to predict how a child will react to a real threat.

These are situations that keep parents awake at night. You might think that in your area and on a clear day such horror does not happen, but criminals and thieves can be really shameless. Luckily, consider this horror story with a happy ending.

She was waiting at the bus stop with her eight and two year old children. The woman approached them like a man at first glance. She approached them and said, “You have a beautiful child.”

Suddenly he beat his mother and tried to snatch her from his arms. An 8-year-old boy jumped up to protect his family, hit the thief and yelled, “Let go of my brother!”

The would-be kidnapper took off running as the mother dialed 9-1-1. When the police arrived, the boy reported, “We were fighting her off with all our might. We were guarding my little brother so she couldn’t take him.”

The boy then described a small gray car driven by a thief. “He had a female voice, but he looked like a man,” she described him. A clear description of the boy helped police find Lisa Arnold, 52, who tried to kidnap her again 20 minutes earlier in the day. Luckily, he failed to steal because of the “old” brother’s bodyguard.

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