80-Year-Old Man Has Incredible Guitar Skills


For anyone out there who says that anyone can be “too old” for something, you might just want to show them this incredibly inspiring video.

It was just another normal day in the guitar shop in the mall when 80-year-old Bob Wood walked through the doors. Though he might seem “old” he wanted to check out the performance of one of the shop’s better looking guitars.

The employees were fine with the “old” man playing a few chords, but when Bob started playing, they were all absolutely blown away! Just like the “old” man who loved to dance, there are some people out there who honestly believe the idiom that age really is “just a number!”

Bob’s ability to play the guitar is just as talented as any of his younger counterparts that you can see on any number of television shows like America’s Got Talent, or even The Voice.

Since Bob showed up on this video he’s become somewhat of an internet viral sensation. But it turns out that he’s no stranger to fame; he played music for about ten years starting in the 1970s, and over the decades he’s been featured on several record albums.

Bob Wood is certainly an inspiration for anyone who has ever been told that age should make you slow down. No one has ever seemed to have told Bob that he’s “too old,” and after watching this video we can only hope that you found him as inspiring and cool as we did! What a talented man!

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