When This ’90s Musician Performs A Song From The ’60s, She Leaves Letterman Speechless!


There are very few songs that stand the test of time. This next gem from 1961 is inarguably one of the very best.

It’s been covered by everyone from John Lennon to Green Day to this awesome version by three lesser known but extremely talented brothers, but I guarantee you’ve never heard Ben E. King’s classic hit “Stand By Me” performed like this before. Ironically, when King first wrote the song during his time as the lead singer of The Drifters, the band didn’t think it was good enough to record. When he finally went solo, it was obvious that he needed to bring this song to life — and the rest was history.

It’s a song that many of us hold close to our hearts, especially baby boomers like David Letterman. It’s go time for the longtime Late Show host, whose final show will air on May 20, 2015, so he’s been carefully selecting his guests and performers. Since “Stand By Me” is one of his all-time favorites, he asked ’90s Grammy winner Tracy Chapman to come on the show to make a rare appearance and cover the song.

As you can see, Letterman was beyond grateful for the “Fast Car” singer’s very special performance of the timeless tune. She really sounds like she was born to sing this song, doesn’t she? Simply amazing!

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