A couple Born on The same day in the same Hospital Marries


Some things just have to be. Jessica Gomez and Aaron Birros were born at Morton Hospital in Taunton, Massachusetts. This is surprising, but the similarities do not end there. They have a common birthday – Saturday, April 28, 1990. First, they divorced and shared this experience in the hospital. But 27 years later they again crossed a wonderful path.

Gomez told people in 2017. They did not see each other – probably for decades. But friends at Taunton School in Massachusetts introduced them and immediately felt the connection. In the end, they strengthened their family ties.

Two children born in the same hospital grew up in young people who immediately felt a connection

Both went to rivaling high schools, both felt a connection, and both were born at the same hospital. 2007 marked the first time they met in a way they could remember. Mutual friends introduced them and soon after they found themselves dating. Immediately, Gomes knew he was special, though for different reasons besides their unknown connection.


“I knew from the very beginning that he was different—he was respectful, and he made me laugh,” she explained in 2017. “He still makes me laugh! No one else can do that.” But there was something else exceptional the two realized with time. First, early on, they became aware of sharing a birthday – and year. But then they also shared the same hospital. Initially, Gomes didn’t buy it. “I didn’t believe him at first when he told me he had the same birthday, it was crazy, I thought he was trying to pull a smooth one and win me over,” she admitted. But both did their homework.

The situation connects Gomez and the brothers from day one. Fortunately, Gomez’s grandmother made a newspaper clipping in honor of the day. There, born on paper with clean, clean ink, was proof of their remarkable condition. The clip not only reads their names, but also their names. There were no other children that day. This whole strange situation, according to Gomez, “every birthday is a big joke in the family. We celebrate this every year with them and our group of friends. ”

The guardians of the couple giggle about how their youngsters’ romantic tale started and how it turned out at last. They all accept there is something excellent in the majority of this.



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