A devastated puppy sits alone on the side of the road next to his dead mother


A mother dog was trying to find food for her little pup when she was crossing the road and was hit by a car.
The little girl sat down next to her and waited, not understanding what was happening. But he left and she was left alone.

Fortunately, a passer-by noticed this and stopped to call rescuers. The rescue absorbed both the mother canine and the heartbroken pup.

The puppy did not drink this mixture and did not want to mess with anyone or anything. It was completely closed. Of course, they will bury the mother with dignity and take care of the child who needs her most.

With no other choice, they will make sure to give the puppy intravenous fluids to give him the nutrition and hydration he needs. Now he can easily relax as the staff works around the clock to keep him alive.

He is making steady but slow progress and needs all the positive energy he can get!



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