A Man Hugs His Paralyzed Dog To Enjoy The Rain


Having a dog means giving it your best to give it a wonderful life. So the dog of Aheya Santos, Alvin, suffered a stroke and could no longer stand as before, so the owner promised himself that he would not leave his pet and would always take care of him.

One of Alvin’s favorite activities before the stroke was playing in the water and running in the rain. One day it was raining and the Brazilian owner did not want his dog to miss these moments and hugged him to enjoy the rain.

The touching moment can be seen in the video the owner shared on Instagram. The owner said that the dog loves to enjoy the rain, so he didn’t want to miss the moment.

The owner also added that even though the dog is improving day by day with exercise therapy, he will never lose his favorite moments until he can walk and stand on his own. It’s cute! Watch the video below.



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