A Puppy Caught on Camera Saved a 14-Year-old Dog That Fell into The Pool


The internet was surrounded by CCTV cameras capturing a special scene of animal friendship.

Juliet Firpo, caring for two dogs, posted on the Internet a video of how her youngest puppy saved a 14-year-old dog from trouble.

Julieta Firpo,Facebook

CCTV cameras recorded the moment when the 14-year-old dog Luna clung to the water in the pool. According to the owner, her eyesight is already getting old – when the unfortunate dog appeared in the pool, he could no longer go out.

When he entered the house, the owner noticed that the dog was all wet, so she checked the surveillance camera. The scene she witnessed made her realize how many good friends Luna and the youngest dog Caipirinha are.

This led the old dog to the fin and ladder in the pool, and then he did everything in his power to help the dog out of the pool. Another proof of how wonderful the friendship we witness in the animal kingdom is.



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