A Stray Dog Interrupts The Performance To Help The Actor Portray The Trauma


A video from Turkey was recently found on the Internet, and the angry dog ​​turned all the attention to it.

During a street show, the actor played the role of a cyclist who was injured when a stray dog ​​came to his aid.

During a street game in Izmit, Numan Erturul Uzunsoy was seen lying on the ground with a picture of a wounded man. He pretended to be sick and decided that the stray dog ​​really needed help.

The stray dog ​​cautiously approached the actor and hugged him tightly. Later, the actor said that the puppy’s act made him very excited: “He looked like an angel who wanted to help me.”

Take a look at the exciting video filmed these days during a street show in Izmit, Turkey. More proof that dogs are man’s best friends!



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