A Utah Teen Rescues a Friend who Suffocated during a School Lunch Maneuver in Heimlich


In October, a video in which a student from the American state of Utah saved the lives of his classmates went viral.

The video from the security camera has spread like wildfire, and to date, almost 14 million people have watched it on YouTube alone.

During lunch, a real spectacle took place in the school cafeteria: one of the students began to be suppressed by food and in panic called his classmates. His friend gave him an ambulance, and then Heimlich made a maneuver with him.

FOX 13 News Utah,Youtube

It took him a few seconds to save a classmate’s life. He spat out the food and his friend raised his hand in the air after the celebration was successful. According to many people online, teens should be awarded medals for participation.

Take a look at this amazing scene of a boy saving his friend’s life in the school cafeteria. In times like these, there are good friends!



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