A young man found hermit crabs living in plastic and offered them new shells


Recently, a video appeared on the Internet where you can see a beautiful act of a man.

The author of the video was looking for hermit crabs on the beaches of Japan, they chose plastic houses instead of shells, and then “gifted” them a more suitable home.

Dodo’s YouTube video has already become a huge hit, with nearly a million views to date and many animal lovers admiring what he does.

Hermit crabs change their new home several times as they mature to protect themselves from predators. Unfortunately, plastic parts are often chosen for protection due to the high degree of contamination. This is evidenced by a video of a man in Okinawa, Japan offering the best home for crabs.

He chose a suitable shell for them and wrote a positive message. Check out this amazing video where the creator suggests a new home for crabs in the form of shells.



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