A young man who was rescuing a kitten was ambushed by their group


One of the hits on the net was a video that we follow while rescuing a little kitten on the side of the road.

When the author found a small kitten, he photographed it and witnessed an unexpected event.

The video has already been viewed by more than 10 million people on social media, and the scenes have touched the hearts of many animal lovers online. Sweeping is sure to make you laugh.

The driver saw a small kitten on the side of the road in Pioneer, Louisiana, and decided to save his life. He picked it up and was immediately shocked. Numerous little kittens came to him from the tall grass and bushes, and their deeds touched the hearts of many.

Check out this cute video of a driver rescuing a kitten from the side of the road and witnessing an accident. What would you do instead?



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