Abandoned Dog Goes Through Grooming Transformation You Have To See To Believe


When you see poor Joey before he was groomed, your heart will break for this sweet dog who was abandoned and living on the streets for months. When he was rescued, his coat was so tangled, matted, and dirty, he almost looked as if he was a discarded mop! Seeing his transformation take place through video is an amazing thing to witness. It is as if he comes to life right before your eyes.

This sweet dog surely seemed to enjoy the pampering he was receiving from his volunteer groomer. Once he was made beautiful, he was immediately adopted by a kind family who could not wait to take him home. These services are so important and are helping abandoned dogs find families. Joey now looks like he belongs in a dog show! You will love the outcome you see in this video. After watching to the end, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.



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