Abused Dog Was Chained in The Freezing Cold for 4 Years. His Survival Story Is Bringing The Internet To Tears


Cases of animal cruelty are not new, and statistics show that close to one million animals face domestic violence. Fortunately, many nonprofit organizations work to save the abused animals.

Meet Diesel. Diesel is a dog from Yukon that spent his life chained in the cold. The poor dog spent his days and nights out in the cold even during winter when temperatures went below -40 degrees. Also, the canine was severely disfigured with a few broken teeth, a split tongue and deep wounds on his shoulder sustained from dog fights.

Diesel’s owner had threatened to shoot him since he did not want to take care of him. Thanks to Animal Advocates, the dog found a new lease of life.

A few days after Diesel’s rescue, he was flown out of Yukon to a vet for specialized treatment. The dog needed urgent medical attention and had a tumor too.

Diesel is slowly regaining his health and learning to be a dog again. Although he was quite shy at first, he is beginning to warm up to the people.

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