Abusive Teacher Caught On Hidden Camera – He Got EXACTLY What He Deserved!!


This video clip is from Russia, filmed by a student attending an English class.  In this clip, a little girl is standing at the front of the class, being questioned by the teacher.  He asks her, “What did you come here to study?!” It’s tough to tell the girl’s response, however, the teacher proceeds to aggressively question the little girl, asking her to read out loud the words written on the blackboard.  He proceeds to ask her to translate the word “You” into Russian in an extremely aggressive way.  No child should ever be treated this way, not by their teachers, not by their parents, and not by their friends.  Bullying needs to stop, and I only hope that this teacher was removed from the classroom after this video surfaced.

Now I don’t condone violence, but I for one am very happy about the little girl’s response.  Let all who bully others receive the same kind of treatment!

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